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The PotterPuffs

Trying to save the world...
18 March
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PotterPuffs has been on indefinite hiatus since 5th Dec 2005. It will not be returning in the foreseeable future.

This LiveJournal is dedicated to the creation of PotterPuffs, a (possibly) joyous combination of the characters of the Harry Potter series and the designs of The Powerpuff Girls, popular animated entertainment on Cartoon Network. Strange? A little. Wrong? Maybe. But it's fun, it's cute and hey - why the heck not?

Read the FAQs, browse the 'Puffs, and enjoy your visit. :]


P.S: As the above implies, I claim no credit for either the Harry Potter series or The Powerpuff Girls' art style, which belongs to the truly wonderful JK Rowling and Craig McCracken respectively (insofar as you can 'own' an artistic style).

Who the hell are you?

When I'm not moonlighting here, my alter-ego is that of mild-mannered bespectacled student asyndeta. You can find my fanfiction and 'normal' art at naomisketchpad.

How do you make these?

Everything's done using Paint Shop Pro 8; I make the lineart using vector tools. (I do, however, resize and save JPEGs/GIFs in Photoshop, which does it better for some reason)

Can you do a 'Puff of XYZ for me?

No. If I did take requests, I would be swamped - sorry!

Do you do non-Potter 'Puffs?

Not at present.

Can I use your 'Puffs for icons/layouts?

You certainly can; there is a usage guide ruling what I would prefer you to do and not do with my art. Give credit and link back here where appropriate; also note that the lovely frozenwithin has created potterpuff_fans for this.

Are there PotterPuffs wallpapers available?

Most of my illustrations are available as 1024x768 desktops - you'll see the links underneath the pics.

Can I friend you?

I would utterly love you to.

Will you friend me?

I'm afraid I have to have one rule for everyone, and it would be impossible to manage an flist of 4000+ people.

I emailed you and you never wrote back. ;_;

Sorry! I am most easily reached at naomiathena@gmail.com. I get A LOT of email - if I haven't replied to you, it's because your question is one that can be answered by reading the FAQ and/or Usage Guide.

You suck.

Uh...takes one to know one?


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