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PotterPuffs are pleased to announce...

Welcome to the first installment of PotterPuffs, the vaguely artistic LiveJournal that isn't afraid to turn your favourite Harry Potter characters into grotesque charicatures with no fingers!

My first offering is three scenes and ten icons. 'That sucks!' I hear you cry. More about that later.

The 'blanks' - that is, the PotterPuffs included in each scene, with plain white backgrounds - are also on offer and always will be, if anyone wants to use them for purposes of Pure Evil. That does mean they are freely available, but don't steal credit, don't steal bandwidth and a link back here would be nice. <3 And of course the icons are for free use - again, please credit.

That said: on with the Puffage!

...did I say something?

Blanks (will open in a new window): Ron, Hermione

Blanks: Susan, Cedric

Harry?  Who&quot;s he then?

Blank: Ginny

So, what now?

If you liked what you saw so far, don't be afraid to say so. Pimp out this journal to everyone you know; God knows I will be.

And if you want to see something, ask for it! The 'Puffs I post here will be largely request-based. If you want to see romance, fights, illustrations from certain chapters of the books, any of the characters in costume, the Death Eaters having a tea party...just comment and ask. I exist only to serve. (however, I draw the line at PotterPuff porn because that would just ruin my enjoyment of Cartoon Network. ;) )


- Naomi
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